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>Yes, indeed!  With the new larger Ctop, I became concerned that the
> output impedance of the sec would drop too low.  The Lsec was chosen
> to get the impedance back up to around 20000 ohms, which seems to
> work well.  Then the other component values, all the way back to the 
> 'wall socket', just fall out of the equations assuming a design goal
> of about 15 ohms for Zpri.  A bit of handwaving, but that's the best
> empirical data that I have at the moment.
> Actually, my spreadsheet predicts a Vout just over 1MV, 
> but that assumes about 50% efficiency.


BTW,  along with my square law suggestion for spark length, I also
did a capacitor size projection based on my findings and some 
hand-waving (I didn't post this), and came up with .24uF, using 
134.4kW, and assuming a 44 foot spark length.  This agrees
closely with your data.

John Freau