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>John, how would you compare them?  The resonator coil on my magnifier 
>is only 8 inches by 24 inches.  I can't build a conventional coil 
>with a secondary this size that produces 11 to 15 foot sparks.  And 
>if you start trying to compare input power versus spark length, then 
>you get back into the dog-chasing-its-tail arguments that you and 
>others on this list have been debating back and forth for the past 
>Big magnifiers can produce big sparks.  Small magnifiers don't appear 
>to be any better than a conventional coil of the approximate same 
>size.  Richard Hull's 11-E maggie with the tiny 4 inch by 12 inch 
>resonator (30 gauge wire) always astounds everyone with its 10 and 11 
>foot sparks.  How do you compare that coil against any conventional 
>coil?  No one has ever produced 10+ foot sparks with a conventional 
>coil this size, not even the Good Doctor himself.  Frankly, I don't 
>think there will ever be a "best" way to compare conventional 
>coils versus magnifiers - the engineering design of the drivers is 
>totally different, the operation of the resonant coil is very 
>different, and even the character of the sparks, in my opinion, is 
>different.  Apples and tangerines.
>Stepping back from magnifiers for a short while, Bill Emery and I are 
>winding the largest conventional coil we've ever attempted.  It is 
>18.5 inches in diameter and 55.50 inches in length and is wound with 
>14 gauge wire.  The complete coil and form will weigh over 300 
>pounds.  We will run this as a conventional coil, not a magnifier.  
>We expect minimum 15 foot sparks, and maybe some as long as 18 feet.  
>The toroid will have a cross section of 20 inches and will be 8 feet 
>in diameter.  We will initially drive it with the same 2 kva 
>transformer we're currently using on our magnifier; though we'll push 
>it 8 to 10 kva.  We have the capability of going to transformer 
>ratings as high as 30 kva if we need to.  It will be interesting to 
>compare this coil's output with that of our existing maggie.
>We already have the coil form for a 28.5 inch diameter secondary.  We 
>have 70 pounds of the 200+ pounds of 10 gauge enamel wire with which 
>we will wind it.  We'll start with the 8 foot toroid and go from 
>there.  Hopefully, we'll gain enough experience from building the 
>18.5 inch coil which will allow us to successfully build and operate 
>this 28.5 inch monster.  This coil should perform about the same as 
>Greg Leyh's excellent coil.  We will not, however, run this coil on 
>d.c. as Greg has done.
>Bert Pool
 The above is good info and it would behoove all to read it again.  The
lessons are learned only through experiment.  I find that it is very
difficult to achieve much over 4 times the resonator length with a standard
coil, but very easy with even a moderate power magnifier.  A really super
maggey can get 7-8 times the resonator coil length and with special
resonator mountings and loadings do even better.

Good luck to you Texans on the big two coil system.  Your estimates sound
reasonable and your knowledge gained the old fashioned way might just make
it doable.

Richard Hull, TCBOR