Re: Power versus Spark Length

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>A larger inductance should require a longer charging or risetime thus di/dt
>would not remain constant for a larger inductor.  I believe Tesla referred
>to this as "mass" or total amount of wire in the secondary inductor or
>magnifier.  It would of course be possible to modify a design with a larger
>inductor to regain the previous di/dt of another comparable system.
>Increased inductance is typically added to a circuit to slow down the
>risetime of a high voltage signal and hence to prevent oscillations in some
>circuits such as impulse testing, etc.
>Just thoughts on the fly!
Tesla referred to coils of large inductance as coils with "great momentum".

This quaint and interesting link of electrical systems to mechanics is a
wonderful way of linking our brains to unseen processes.

The key usage in the CSN was Tesla's statement that the resonator in a
magnifier system must be a coil of much greater momentum compared to the
secondary in the driver.

R. Hull, TCBOR