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apparently it wasn't obvious, but in the circuit I described, the current flow 
through the SCR will charge the inductance in the coil and then when the cap 
is discharged, then the current flow will stop with the core of the coil 
magnetized.  The collapsing magnetic field will cause voltage in the windings 
which will attempt to reverse the current flow through the capacitor, turning 
the SCR off nicely and then (if you put a regular diode in the circuit biased 
opposite the SCR) charge up the capacitor again (part way)

> How do you switch the SCR off , it can't be switched off with 0V in the
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You must interrupt the current from cathode to anode on an SCR to turn it
off.  Once biased on, it is a diode until current stops.

hope this helps...

Michael Smith