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Note to Norman:

You absolutely don't want to call your state DEP or Dept. of Natural
Resources.  They will ask you if you have them and then if you say yes they
will send you a nice polite letter telling you to legally dispose of them
within (insert usually 30 days here) or they will come to pick them up --
of course they will charge you about $300 per cap to legally dispose of
them.  Say you don't want to pay -- no problem -- they just attach some
sort of lien of your property, et al.  The bottom line here is if you have
them be very careful who you tell about it.  By the way the above scenario
did actually happen to someone I know in Minn and it cost him $3,500!!!!


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> >Are these non-PCB caps?  Once you purchase a PCB cap you are stuck with
> >for life.  Disposal cost is around $500 per unit.  Careful with that axe
> >Eugene (from Pink Floyd)!
> >
> >DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net
> Ulp!  I have 8 0.75 mf. 17500 WVDC PCB units plus many smaller units that
> bought on the surplus market many years ago, long before PCB became a bad
> word, and am aware that disposal can be a problem.  Does anyone else on
> this list have experience or suggestions re this?  I've thought of
> with the local electric utility or state DEP.
> Norm