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>Scalar waves do exist.  A pressure wave, for instance, is a scalar wave.  The
>confusion arises when various pseudo-scientists try to describe near-field
>and radiated field phenomena using the scalar wave concept.

  Note that pressure can be a scalar (vector) or a wave surface which is two

>>   Tesla also said his wireless system would use the ionosphere. NASA is
>> using the ionosphere in their shuttle tether experiments. This system does
>> not use Hertzian waves but does use currents that flow in the ionosphere.
>Actually, I believe that the NASA tether simply used Lenz's Law, whereby a 
>conductor develops an EMF if it cuts through magnetic field lines -- in this 
>case the Earth's magnetic field.  A conducting ionosphere was not required
>for this experiment.
   The NASA tether uses Faraday's discovery which involves a moving wire
thru a magnetic field creating an EMF and current in the wire. Lenz's Law
has to do with the DIRECTION of the EMF and, therefore, only involves the
direction of the current. Lenz's Law and the tether experiment do not
involve Hertzian (radio) waves.

 The tether current must have a return path which is the ionosphere. A high
voltage is needed to move the current thru the ionosphere. The tether is
generating about 5000 volts and uses an electronic gun. This can be better
done by using a Tesla coil but it must be redesigned. The NASA engineers
obviously have not been able to properly redesign the TC for this application. 

There is a ton of info on this at the NASA Web Site. I am not directly
involved with NASA except to pay part of the bill by taxes.

  John Couture