Bert Pool's big coil

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Bert Pool wrote:


> Stepping back from magnifiers for a short while, Bill Emery and I are
> winding the largest conventional coil we've ever attempted.  It is
> 18.5 inches in diameter and 55.50 inches in length and is wound with
> 14 gauge wire.  The complete coil and form will weigh over 300
> pounds.  We will run this as a conventional coil, not a magnifier.
> We expect minimum 15 foot sparks, and maybe some as long as 18 feet.

My bet is that you'll get them;  however you may need to raise the
coil away from the ground significantly, or the ground strikes will
limit the ultimate spark length.

> The toroid will have a cross section of 20 inches and will be 8 feet
> in diameter.

Those toroid dimensions sound familiar...
Are you using an 1800/2100 R49 earthmover innertube as the toroid form?

> We will initially drive it with the same 2 kva
> transformer we're currently using on our magnifier; though we'll push
> it 8 to 10 kva.  We have the capability of going to transformer
> ratings as high as 30 kva if we need to.  It will be interesting to
> compare this coil's output with that of our existing maggie.
> We already have the coil form for a 28.5 inch diameter secondary.  We
> have 70 pounds of the 200+ pounds of 10 gauge enamel wire with which
> we will wind it.  We'll start with the 8 foot toroid and go from there.

Thumbs up!  You're not going to operate _that_ in your front yard, are you?
BTW, what is the proposed winding length on the 28.5" secondary?