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>  Richard -
>  Your dissertation on Tesla coils hit the nail on the head. We should not
>concentrate only on continuous sparks but also on what made that super long
>spark possible. Tesla coils have a future but we cannot improve them unless
>we know not only what creates the longest continuous sparks but what magic
>produces thoes special super sparks. Super sparks mean super output and
>right now we cannot explain why these occur.


>  John Couture 


The energy for the sparks is finds its final boost solely within the
resonator.  The effects with produce the longest sparks are probably as much
outside this device as in.  That is why it will be tough to nail down more
than a fraction of the causal non-linearities and bring them under some sort
of real world engineered control.  Tougher than many will realize.

Richard Hull, TCBOR