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>15 ft. strikes, .015 total system capacitance, 10 kw., and 7.5 times 
>the resonator length.  (Praises to Richard hull with 10 times the 
>resonator length)
>Any comments on arcs 15 feet or more with .015 capacitance?
snip again
>Safe coiling to all!
>Wild Bill
>Bill and Bert and all you Texans

Great sparkin'!!!  I am glad to hear you staged your first major Teslathon.
Kudos on the 15 footers, too!  That is a definite record for the .015ufd cap
both in resonator length per unit capacitance-spark, and for capacitance
period!  I bet that rotary was whipped up to near transonic tip speeds to
ram 12KW+ in the the poor little .015ufd.  Records bein' broke everywhere...
I love it!!!!  Let them with the .8ufd caps and 1.8 turn primaries dwell on
that one for a while.  Many ways to skin the ole cat!

Good luck with the maggey blastin' guys.

Richard Hull, TCBOR