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 If I am not mistaken one of Tesla's designs was to implement a scalar wave
 system and use the earth as a capacitor. The energy was to be received by a
 tuned circuit. The amount of power received was dependent on the resonating
 frequency of that circuit (referring to the Tesla Equivalent Circuit). This
 is why I called it a "radio" type circuit. Maybe a better term would be a
 "resonating" circuit?
 I have been working with the transmission of wireless energy for a while
 but am only able to receive enough power to light up a very small bulb at a
 distance of a few feet. Since I am not able to create a charge separation
 between the ionosphere and the earth with my 700 watt coil, I am wondering
 if anyone has any Ideas that I may try (short of building another
 Wardencliff Tower).

I thought Tesla's plans were to transmit power through the earth.  Richard
Quick has demonstrated this idea.  The Tesla coil must be loaded with a
toroid large enough to prevent break out.  Caution must be used here as the
coil will be transmitting a lot of RF energy and the FCC (or your neighbors)
won't be happy.  Now take another secondary tuned to the same frequency as
the operating coil and connect it to a good earth ground some distance away.
 You should get discharges from this coil just as you would from a normal

Ed Sonderman