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SCR is a solid state device that is best thought of as a diode that can be 
switched on by a pulse to the gate, and will stay on until the current through 
the diode drops to zero. Place SCR, capacitor, ignition coil primary in 
series.  Add a charging circuit to put 200 to 400 VDC into the capacitor.  
Make polarity such that current will flow when diode conducts.  Suggest 1 
microfarad as a good start for capacitor value, but as low as .25 will be ok.  
Set up 555 to produce short (a few tens of microseconds to 100 microsec) 
pulses that are positive going.  connect 555 to SCR so pulses drive gate 
positive with respect to the cathode.  I could scan a schematic, but it may be 
easier for you to look at an SCR handbook to get the idea.
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well, I'm new to this stuff (basicaly) and I don't know what a SCR is,
what it does, etc.
regardinf the 555 oscilator, I bought a circuit that was a 555
timer/oscialtor, either/or. I assume
that will work?