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>> hall and try it out at 7500v. My caps are

>> rated at 28kV DC so 7500v AC is the max.

>> Alan Sharp (UK).


>How do you figure an equivalent AC voltage for a cap rated in DC.  I

>don't want to bust mine.


That subject has popped up on this list on several occasions. By 

dividing the dc voltage by two is in the safe range to keep a 

dc rated capacitor alive in tesla work.

Of course it also depends on what type of dielectric is in the cap.

Mica is the best materials for a cap used in tesla work 

and should handle half the dc voltage and probably a bit more quite well. 

Those WW2 caps are not only great caps for tesla work but also quite

some museum artefacts and it would be a shame if they were destroyed.

Hmmm, my two cents worth of personal thinking. I seem to get nostalgic

everytime i get around vintage electronics. =)


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