Re: How should we measure coil efficiency

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<< snip>     Then we might wish to find out whether secondaries with 
> different h/d ratios but otherwise identical Lselfs and Cselfs
> in the same primary with the same k cause different transformer 
> losses. What I really mean is that it seems to me that trying to 
> compare secondaries based purely on wallplug figures will not 
> necessarily give an accurate comparison. We have to start somewhere 
> in finding out what influences performance in different parts of the 
> circuit. I am hoping to do some key experiments in a couple of 
> months. I have scored use of a decent lab at last.


Thanks for the clarification.  Yes, I agree with you, I've changed my
original viewpoint and agree that we must look at the TC in "sections"
as you suggest.  Glad to hear about the lab!   Looking forward to 
your results.
> I would
> also like to know what the best L/C ratio in the secondary is for
 >longest sparks, given a particular terminal, Ec, BPS and k. That
> might be extremely difficult to determine if the system remains 
 >coupled during spark production (as I suspect it does) in which
>case primary L/C figures in the mix as well.

Very true.  The system does seem to remain coupled at least during
initial spark production.  If we quench on first notch, some more 
output spark may be produced while uncoupled I guess?
>     I refuse to believe that we cannot make progress in answering 
> some of these questions. It is not in my nature to throw my hands up 
> and walk away from a difficult problem. I am certainly thinking hard 
 about it while crafting experiments and finding a place to do them.

The challenge is there, that's for sure.  

John Freau
> Regards,
> Malcolm