Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!

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Sent: 	Wednesday, July 23, 1997 6:56 PM
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Subject: 	Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!


>Your spark gaps are probably quickly overheating after you turn on 
>the system, the quench is degrading and output sparks weaken.
>You can try using some sort of fan or air blast to cool the gaps, or 
>use a greater number of gaps...if you haven't already tried this.
>John Freau

Yes, I'm using 5 pieces, 3" long, of 2" diameter copper pipe
set very close as a spark gap. I tried a fan as you suggested
and it helps. I'm looking for an old hairdryer or a vacume 
cleaner for an air blast.

Next I'm going to rebuild to make it more portable and try
building some capacitors. Probably using tin foil, stuck
with varnish to 2mm clear polystyrene. This should hold at 
7500V AC even without oil - I hope!

But I think its quite big enough! I don't really have the
room at home for a bigger coil.

Then I think I'll go back to solid state coils - more manageable.
Later I'll try a valve coil - then I'll really need your help, John.

Someone was asking about my transformer - sorry but it was a one off
surplus from a physics dept, no more caps either.

Have fun,

Alan Sharp (UK)