Re: ignition coil

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Sent: 	Monday, July 21, 1997 6:24 PM
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Subject: 	ignition coil

I got an ignition coil yesterday from a friend and I hooked it up to my
relay.  With a wire connected to the high voltage terminal I drew sparks
off of the the other terminals.  The sparks weren't very big though
(3-5mm).  I can control the speed of my relay now by putting a capacitor
across the relay terminals, but that just determines the speed of the
I just don't get why the sparks are so small. If I just have the coil
and a power supply, everytime I brush the wire from one the coil's
terminals (not the high voltage one) with a wire from the power supply,
I get big bright sparks.

I built a pulse generator (circuit found at
but the results with it were non-existant.

What can I do?