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>Subject: Spark plugs
>I am looking for some info on the gaps made with spark plugs.
>And would like to know how well it worked.
>               Darren


They work about as well as two ten penny nails for a gap!  This can be quite
good if assembled in a smallish system with a number of gaps in series.
They fall on their face at high power levels, though.  I saw a beautifully
assembled V-8 load of plugs but the guy was using it at 3KW and more!!  I
put in a TCBOR fan quenched series plenum cylinder static gap and got him
and extra 12" of spark.  If you are well under 500 watts and fan cool the
hell out of the plug bases, the plug gap will do about as good as anything
else.  This might even be pushed to a full KW!

Richard Hull, TCBOR