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McMaster Carr in Chicago or Atlanta has flexable aluminum duct in many sizes
from 4" up to about 12" dia.  It comes in boxes with several pipes per box.
A box of 8" diameter pipe has 8 pipes per box for about $30.00 a box.  I
don't have the catalog handy so the price might be off a little.

Gary Weaver

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><< Can anyone tell me where I can get flexible aluminum vent pipe in
>> larger size than 4" inches in diameter? Since I've added more
>> capacitance to the primary my coil can stand a much larger toroid. I am
>> now using a 18" and a twelve inch toriod stacked on top of each other
>> and it seems like it could handle even more!
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>Try stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware/builder supply shops.
> Try also plumbing and air conditioner supply houses, also try industrial
>supply houses.  there are (at least) two types of these ducts; a thin shiny
>type, and a thicker dull type.  They may have different uses, but I'm not
>sure.  I've never seen this distinction mentioned on the list.
>Happy hunting.
>John Freau