problems with my first coil

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Subject: 	problems with my first coil

Hello everyone, First I'd like to thank everyone who answers this in
advance. I just finished my first TC, and I'm having a few problems.  I
bought a kit from Information Unlimited and now realize it was not worth
the money.  Anyways it's got a 6000V-at-23mA transformer and the secondary
is PVC 12" high and 3" in diameter.  The primary has 6 turns of
insulated #12 wire with 3 turns of bare #12 wire for tuning.  I've tried
both a toroid (4" diameter sewer tubing forming a donut of about 15" in
diameter, styrofoam center, all wrapped in aluminum tape) and a 8"
diameter aluminum sphere, but I can't get any arcs more than an inch or
two.  And I don't get any spark at all unless I have a grounded object
that close to it.

Do I need more turns in the primary for additional adjustment?

When I run my coil occasionally something will flash inside the box(all
components are encased in a grounded metal box below the primary and
secondary) will arc and make a loud POP! I cannot see where it is coming
from other than it is near the spark gap.  I don't have any wires going
near it other than for the choke.  Any ideas on what this might be?

Also the wire I use to send the current pulse to the primary became
enveloped in tiny arcs for about an inch if it laid near the edge of the
box. I inspected the wire and there was no break in its insulation. I
assumed that the voltage in the wire was high enough to jump through the
wire to ground.  Is there a *special* kind of insulated wire to use with
high voltages?

Any of you guys happen to live in the Chicagoland area? 

Thanks again,
Brian Whildin (engineer-at-techinter-dot-com)