primary coil

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Yesterday I have downloaded some file about the primary coil, I just want to
know if I understand the text below right.

>The large primary coil tunes with a much smaller (and cheaper) tank 
>circuit capacitance which requires a smaller power supply to charge.
>Yet the system is able to process power more efficiently because of
>the large field flux and uniform excitation of the high inductance
>secondary. The overall RF power processing efficiency is so great
>that coilers who follow this design method blow away other designs
>by producing bigger sparks with much less input power. As an added 
>boon, the large primary coil and high inductance secondary form a 
>"slow-wave" system. 

As I understand it, Richard T. Quick is saying that the larger your primary
coil is the better sparks you will get, am I understanding it correctly?

What primary coil is best to use with my coil that works at 15 kVAC 30mA?

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