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<< Hello again--
 After being very busy with work and even more happily getting engaged:)
 I am ready to go back constructing my first Tesla coil.
 I am now at the point of making my capacitors. I thought that it might
 be wise to make salt water caps because of ease/ and price. I downloaded
 the Tesla Archive File by David Lima on how to make these capacitors. 
 According to the plans, however, he said his bank of 6 salt water caps
 had a capacitance of 4.3 nF.  I have calculated that I need at least a
 .0063 uF capacitor.
 So if I understand things correctly, using his plans I would need 1465
 of these banks just to get the right capacitance, disregarding the
 voltage.  OBVIOUSLY something is very wrong here.
 It seems several of you have built salt water caps.  Can you tell me:
 1) Are his 4.3 nF (per bank of 6 caps) correct?  Or is it a misprint?
 2) If his numbers are correct, what can I do to make a different type of
 salt water cap?  I could sooner afford to buy a commercial cap as to
 drink that much soda for 8700 bottles.
 3) Am I missing the boat somewhere?
 Here is another start for a thread to add to the Tesla Guide.
 Nathan >>


Yes, I would think his bank of six bottles is equal to .0043 mfd.  This is
about 716 pf per bottle which is about what I have heard from others who use
these.  Eight of these bottles in parallel would be 5700 pf which is .0057
mfd.  Nine in parallel would be 6450 pf which is .00645 mfd.

Ed Sonderman