Re: July 1997 National Geographic (fwd)

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Subject: 	Re: July 1997 National Geographic (fwd)

Glenn Baddeley wrote:

> Does anyone have more information about the double page photo
> spread, which includes a huge Tesla Coil in action, on pages 94-95
> of the July 1997 issue of National Geographic magazine?

Hi Glenn,

That's my old 120L50K, which I built back in 1990.  
Christian Ristow and Dr. Richards are both friends 
of mine, and Christian was good enough to let me
store and operate the coil in his shop.  It's sort 
of cramped in there for TC work, and the walls and
ceiling take a beating (you can see all the white
paint chips that fall around the coil in that pic).
Austin's doing the cage stunt, and I'm hiding under
the I-beam, at the control console.
A technical description of the coil is available in
Vol 10 #2, of the TCBA News.

> Using a Christmas tree as a strike rod?  That's the Yuletide
> content of this message my friends, so a merry Christmas to
> all, and a happy New Year from Australia.

Indeed, This pic found its way onto several greeting 
cards this season  o<:^)>