July 1997 National Geographic (fwd)

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Subject: July 1997 National Geographic

Does anyone have more information about the double page photo
spread, which includes a huge Tesla Coil in action, on pages 94-95
of the July 1997 issue of National Geographic magazine?

The article is "Robot Revolution" by Curt Suplee, photographs
by George Steinmetz.

The text on the page reads:

"Future shocked

Arcing from a Tesla coil, 1.8 million volts shoots through a
Christmas tree, down a cage holding physicist Austin Richards,
and into the floor of artist Christian Ristow's San Francisco
warehouse. Later in this performance a claw destroyed the tree.
"There's a certain thrill in viewing raw power unleashed," Ristow
says. "There's something shocking about a machine that appears
alive."  Some futurists speculate that robots may one day replace
humans as Earth's dominant creature.  Nikola Tesla, who invented
radio-controlled machines as well as the coil, foresaw the impact
in 1919. "Teleautomata will be ultimately produced," he wrote.
"Their advent will create a revolution."

Using a Christmas tree as a strike rod?  That's the Yuletide
content of this message my friends, so a merry Christmas to
all, and a happy New Year from Australia.  The forecast
for Christmas Day here in Melbourne is 35deg.C (=95deg.F)
with a late cool change.  Very pleasant....

Glenn Baddeley
Melbourne, Australia