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At 08:57 AM 12/26/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>You need to put 2x the desired output energy within 1
>>constant to see your target power available. Is my math wrong?
>Dah - your maths right - I was thinking about the time taken for the
>to build up.

By "build up" do you mean like a jacob's ladder? I have been wondering if an
arc will automaticaly extend in length due to it's magnetic field and the
increased conductivity once initial ionization makes a nice hot plasma.

This effect "jacob's ladder" would certainly favor solid state or
long-period systems.

>Here's the rub you build your superconductor coil - immerse it in liquid
>Q of 10 zillion plus and then corona starts to be generated and the
>goes up and the Q's only slighty better than if you had used aluminium
>mylar coated and wound on a soggy cardboard former

Corona loss, that faint blue haze, I realy doubt could eat over a few watts,
unless you have sharp edges and lots of leaky discharge paths. Once a bright
steamer lights, that's different.

>It always come down to this - how are you going to model the corona?

Bass-ackwards. Build something, chirp or bang it, and see what it sounds
like. Ferrites will be nasty. 

>>I thought of a couple of designs (well, I remember my college prof's
>>on TC's) of designs that increase the inductance by using ferrite 'flux
>>concentrators' (realy, just flux plugs) at the coils ends, and
>>coils shaped in 'D''s and 'V's geometry to increase inductance, K-coupling
>>and HV isolation.
>Someone here must have experimented with ferrite and coils. I may try it
>>I can imagine some truly evil contrivances, with incredible Q's, that
>>be created from ferrites and piezo-ceramics. Mu and E values in the
>>the size of baseballs, that could store > 10's of KW's. These are
>>acoustic-vibration devices, and have more in common with fly-wheels than
>>But if/when I get around to seriously evaluating them, acousticy, I'll
>>probably find thermal or material stress factors will limit their
>These are probably off topic here - but if you ever flesh these ideas out
>me a copy. Could be a little noisy though!
>>Just like these semi's. I looked at power dissipation, and frequency
>>responce, and AC-steady state analysis, and got excited. But when I
>>considered the systems from a transient analysis or time-domain, things
>>don't look so good!
>Thats life - the spark gap reigns a little longer.
>Hope you all had a good christmas
>Alan Sharp
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