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 Hello all and thank for the previous input.
 I am still trying to round up some parts for my coil.
 I am looking for a variac and #22 magnet wire.  The coil will eventually
 be powered by two 15kv 30ma neons, but I would like to use one to start
 with.  Is this a concern when buying a variac? I also cannot seem to
 find any wire.  Also some transformer oil sources would be cool to.


Call Joe at the number below, he sells all kinds of coax and wire (the kind
you are looking for) in any amount that you want.  I have made a few purchases
from him with no problems.

The Coax Connection: 
Joe Cassata, 
10 S. Meadow lane
 Naperville, Ill. 60564  
Phone# (630)-420-0342

A small, 10 amp 120 volt variac should work fine for what you have planned.

Ed Sonderman