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>Got a bit of a crazy suggestion: When quoting prices, and determining
>the 'rip-off' point, it may be wise to mention your geographic area.
>I live in Southern California, and am used to paying a premium for
>certain things - and getting a price break for others.
>remember: Location * location * location *

Very very true.  Especially true, it seems, for transformers.  When I 
lived in Syracuse, places would sell be neons for $15 30mA and $30 60mA, 
regardless of voltage.  Here in Boston, I find the shops much more 
reluctant to give up the goods, and those that will want $50 for a 30mA 
unit.  Other people on the list have paid $5-10 each for working units, 
some have paid over $100.  The absolute best price I could find in the 
617/781/508 area codes was $45 each for 9kV 60mA units.  That's what I 
ended up paying for my latest transformers.


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