Prices for supplies (change)

From: 	Michael Baumann[SMTP:baumann-at-proton.llumc.edu]
Sent: 	Saturday, December 27, 1997 3:19 AM
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Subject: 	Prices for supplies (change)

On Sat, 27 Dec 1997, Tesla List wrote:

> Check the phone book yellow pages for Motor Repair shops.  They will have
> the enamel coated wire you need.  I can get wire here at the local motor
> repair shop for $4.00 a pound so I would think if they charge you more than
> that your getting ripped off.
> Gary Weaver

Got a bit of a crazy suggestion: When quoting prices, and determining
the 'rip-off' point, it may be wise to mention your geographic area.
I live in Southern California, and am used to paying a premium for
certain things - and getting a price break for others.
After visiting a number of Motor shops, I finally found one that will
sell me wire, at $5/lb - since my only other supply is the local 
surplus house, which only sells 1lb spools at $18, I feel reasonably good
about the price.

remember: Location * location * location *

[on the flip side, I can put together a p5-166 w/ 32M, 3D vid, sound, and
2 gig of disk for under $500 :) ]

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