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> On my neon I recently unpotted, I ran it hooked up to a neon light.
> The primary got extremely hot, hot enough it was boiling what little bit
> of tar that was left on it off. Is this normal? I wouldn't think it
> would be. One thing to add though, when I was removing it I nicked
> some of the primarys windings. They aren't shorting as far as I know.
> Could this be the cause of the tranny overheating. I don't understand.
> Help me please.........
> Chris

try running the tranny without any load. If the primary still heats up
then you have a shorted turn somewhere on the primary. Such a shorted
turn will definitely eat up lots of extra current and would cause the
symptoms you are describing. Testing under a no-load condition will
remove several other variables and allow you to determine if the
primary itself is defective. If it is, you might be able to fix or
rebuild the primary.

If the primary runs cool under no-load conditions, then it may be that
your tranny demands additional heat-sinking. That is ONE function of the
tar. Repotting in *that* case would be adviseable. You could repot with
something other than tar if you want... some people have oil-immersed
their un-potted neons with good success. Make sure the container can
vent pressure, as an extended run might heat the oil enough to cause
enough pressure to otherwise warp your case.

Fr. Tom McGahee