RE: Neons??? Urgent!!

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<<Neons??? Urgent!!

On my neon I recently unpotted, I ran it hooked up to a neon light.
The primary got extremely hot, hot enough it was boiling what little bit
of tar that was left on it off. Is this normal? I wouldn't think it
would be. One thing to add though, when I was removing it I nicked
some of the primarys windings. They aren't shorting as far as I know.
Could this be the cause of the tranny overheating. I don't understand.
Help me please.........



If you removed the shunts and are getting a lot more power out of it, you will
also get a lot of heat.  I use a 15kv, 60 ma unpotted and it now draws 18 amps
and takes the place of the 8 15/30s that I used to use.  I only run my coil in
20 second bursts when I am giving my shows and as long as I give it a little
cooldown time, it works wonderfully for me and is MUCH lighter.  It also lets
me carry a spare, which I could never do otherwise.  

Robert Krampf