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>Subject: 	Signal Generator or whatever
>Hello All,
>    I would appreciate anyones opinions/ideas on the most accurate method to
>identify the natural frequency of a coil. I intend to purchase a function
>generator of some sort and use it determine the point of highest Q.  Is this
>the best way? If so, what is the cheapest/best function generator?


  Alfred -

  Try      www.mgte-dot-com

  He may have another surplus Exact 5210 like I have. This is the perfect
generator for Tesla coil testing. Unlike RF generators it has plenty of
output for checking coils. It covers less than one hertz to one megahertz,
sine, square, and triangle waveforms.

  There are several ways to check the natural frequency and Q of a coil.
Some are shown in my books you have. Let me know if you have any questions.

  John Couture