FW: Small Neon Transformers for Sale

From: 	Tedd Payne[SMTP:tpayne-at-netnitco-dot-net]
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Sent: 	Saturday, December 06, 1997 12:38 PM
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Subject: 	Small Neon Transformers for Sale

The following might be useful for your next small Tesla coil, Jacob's
ladder, neon, crackle tube, experimenting, etc..

These are smaller, lighter, and less expensive to ship than larger, more
powerful transformers.

If interested, or for more info, please contact me directly at


"CONVENTIONAL" neon transformers: recent, clean/not rusty, good working
They are not labeled, so the ratings are from my testing & measuring.
$6  used  3kv20ma     in = 2 wires      out = 2 wires, open frame
$5  NEW   5kv30ma?   input=2 wires     out =2 sockets (soc damaged)
$5  used  6kv15ma     in = porc ins     output=porc insul  no lid
$6  used  6kv30ma     in = 2 wires     out =2 sockets
$5  NEW   7.5kv30ma?  input=3 wires     out =2 sockets (soc damaged)
$8  used  7.5kv30ma?  input=2 wires     out =2 wires  switch
$9 used   7.5kv25ma   in = AC cord   output= 6" leads, w/switch, compact