Mayonaise jar fun

From: 	David Huffman[SMTP:huffman-at-FNAL.GOV]
Sent: 	Monday, December 22, 1997 12:08 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Mayonaise jar fun

Last night I took a mayonnaise jar and pumped out the air. With the brass
hose barb, used with the pump, touching the top of my small TC I was able to
get plasma globe like streamers rising in the jar. The discharge was about
1/8" in diameter and extended from the bottom of the jar to the top where I
was holding the jar about 6". Then I let some air into the jar and the
display changed to a very thin spark with some forks beginning to form. This
is quite interesting. Now I want to add some different gases and explore
this more. My pump only gets down to 24" Hg, but that is enough to see some
changes in the discharge.
What other things can be done in this area?
Dave Huffman