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<< Ed,
 What kind of caps are pfcs? are they specifically designed for this
 purpose or just standard caps with the correct values.  You also speak
 in the plural. If there is more than one could you describe the
 >Russ Thornton >>


PFC caps are just AC capacitors like are used for motor start capacitors on AC
motors.  I guess I used the plural (caps) because I always end up using a
couple in parallel to get the right values.

 Typical values for 120 Volt input neons at 60 Hz are:

               30     60    90    120
    9000    25     50    75    100   uF
   12000    33     67    100   133   uF
   15000    41     83    124   166   uF

This table is courtesy of Fr. Tom McGahee.

Ed Sonderman