Re: Fiberglass ????? (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:32:38 -0800
From: Jim Lux <jimlux-at-earthlink-dot-net>
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Subject: Re: Fiberglass ????? (fwd)

> I bought a piece of 1/2" x 12" x 12" fiberglass for a rotor from Mc
> Carr and when I received it today I found out its not really solid fiber
> glass. Its some type of phonolic board with a thin sheet if fiber glass
> glued to each side. Worthless and very dangerious of a rotor.

According to my McMaster catalog (#99), they have Garolite G10 in
1/2"x12"x12" chunks for about $40 (8667K218), is this what you got?
They also have Yorolite on the next page, various grades for for $140 (G7
silicone) to $72 (G11 Glass epoxy).
> I just deleted 6180 emails today and remember someone mentioned something
> about G10 fiberglass makes a good rotor.  Where can I get some G10
> fiberglass for a rotor?

You might call your local Ryerson steel distributor. They
represent/manufacture a variety of fiberglass products from the "Morrison
Molded something something" line, notably Extren (tm) pultruded fiberglass
structural components. The catalog has sheets in it. The stuff costs about
the same as aluminum for the same size and weight, i.e. a few bucks a
pound. They will have a minimum order though....