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> On Mon, 15 Dec 1997 15:18:03 -0800 (PST) Christopher Stone
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> > I can sympathize, I have been searching for the parts to make a 
> > small Neon Transformer powered 4" secondary coil.  So far I have 
> > my polyethelyne coil form and some brass bolts and angles for spark 
> > gaps.  I still need the transformer, caps, wire for the secondary, 
> > and primary. 
> Have you considered using the wire in the degausing coils of trashed color 
> T.V.s, granted it's aluminum but it's typicaly around #26 B&S gauge and 
> anywhere from 1 to 3 thousand feet in length depending of course on how 
> large the T.V.'s screen was. Forget about using wire for the primary and 
> instead use 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch copper tubing. I've also seen a few coils 
> built with the primary being made of 1 inch wide copper or aluminum roofing
> sheet metal cut in a looong strip! For your neon sign transformer, try 
> calling a few sign building stores and ask if you could get a "burned out"
> one, typicaly they will let you rummage through a small mountain of 
> transformers in the back. Be sure to take a power cord with three insulated 
> alligator clips so you can plug in the transformers, and it wouldn't hurt 
> to bring a two foot length of H.V. insulated wire to spark test each side 
> of a transformer to the case thus proving both sides work. I wish you luck 
> finding your parts! Oh yes it would be a good idea to use a pick up truck 
> when you visit the neon sign shop, the last time I visited one the owner 
> told me I could have all of his "burned out" transformers just to get them 
> off his property, he had over 200 transformers in a garage!
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Thanks for the suggestions!

Sounds good, I am still calling neon sign shops, hopefully I will 
find a similar situation to the above shop!  Can the transformers be 
checked with an VOM?  What would the resistance be on the secondary? 
They will check out good even with "carbon tracks" in the potting 
right?  Then I could just re-melt it if it had good windings.

I may go in with a friend and buy an 8lb roll of 22ga wire.  I am 
planning on using 1/4" copper tubing for my primary, so that is not 
a problem.