Chokes, Caps, and resistance (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 09:39:26 -0800
From: Joshua Resnick <seraphim-at-WPI.EDU>
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Subject: Chokes, Caps, and resistance


    While still in the hunting, gathering, and planning stage for my
coil I think this is the perfect time to ask questions about the low
pass filters and other components that I need to attatch to my xfmrs.
It is my understanding that the only reson for the chokes is to "block"
any RF coming back from the tank from getting into the xfmrs.  It is
also my understanding that a pair of properly rated doorknob type caps
after the chokes should be used to act as a high pass filter allowing RF
to go to ground.  I also  hear talk of resistors in the TC circuit.  Are
these used to spoil the Q of any resonance that might develope between
the transformer and the capacitor? Or are they there to damp the tank
itself (this doesn't make sense though!)?  If they are there to damp any
potential resonance between the cap and the xfmer then would they also
be placed on the legs of the transformers,
so the circuit would look like this?
                                 ----  C
              R          L         |          C                L
----------/\/\/\/---()()()()------------|----| |---------()()()()()--
 xfmr  |                               spg                          |
            R           L         _|_
                                 ----  C
Another question that comes to mind is that if I'm not using neons, do I
even need resistance at all?

Any advice would be appreciate.

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