Re: chokes and caps

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On Sunday, November 30, 1997 2:05 PM Matthew Mills
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> Hi, I have got my hands on several large two lead ballasts from mercury
> vapour lamps 400W-at-250V and the large rolled polypropylene caps
> (30uF-at-250V) I was wondering whether I can use the ballasts as chokes
> (they are just like a transformer with only one winding) and if I can
> use the caps for PFC capacitors.

The ballasts are chokes! BTW their a nice source of copper wire too!

> They seem to be in the "ballpark" (hope I've used this term in the right
> context) for PFC caps
> do I place them parallel to my neons or parallel to my Variac?

If their the right value you connect them in parallel to your neon 
transformers primary.


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