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        The modern pacemaker is designed to stand up to almost any RF
assault.  Cell phones, microwaves, power lines, you local radio station,
etc. can all achieve "interference" levels that will make a TC output look
small.  The biggest challenge to the pacemaker designer is allowing for the
pacemaker to withstand medical defibrillators without harm.  A device many
pacemaker wearers know all too well.  Now that defibrillators can also be
installed in the body, this gets really interesting.  :-)
        The real problem is the money back guarantee part.  If there is a
one in a million problem, whom do you go to see about a new Mom?  No
responsible person is going to guarantee that an electronic device is going
to be 100% reliable in the complex electrostatic fields a TC can produce.
Technically, Mom should be fine, but liability wise, I would put her at the
North Pole deep in a metal-hulled submarine with a fully staffed cardiac
care unit while operating your coil -- just to be safe. 

I think she would be fine, but I would never risk the chance of possibly
being wrong.  Use the videotape and be safe.

You are not going to get a straight positive answer on this one.


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>Subject: pacemaker & TC's
>I am just about to smoke test my first coil and would like some saftey info.
>My Mom has a pacemaker and I don't want to endanger her health.  Is there a
>safe distance she can watch from or should this be something for her to see on
>Rusty Duncan