Re: pacemaker & TC's (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:09:30 EST
From: Mark S Graalman <wb8jkr-at-juno-dot-com>
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Subject: Re: pacemaker & TC's (fwd)

   Man, you're talking about someone's life here, I'd say 
50 feet minimum, and better yet, VIDEO TAPE!!!

Mark Graalman

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>Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 08:41:20 EST
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>Subject: pacemaker & TC's
>I am just about to smoke test my first coil and would like some saftey 
>My Mom has a pacemaker and I don't want to endanger her health.  Is 
>there a
>safe distance she can watch from or should this be something for her 
>to see on
>Rusty Duncan