parts search (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:08:31 -0500
From: kevin <wawa-at-spectra-dot-net>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: parts search

I have been searching the internet for some time now in what seems to
have been a waste of time.  All that I can say is that in a week or so I
will have half a dozen new catalogs at my house.  I am tring to find
places that sell:
	1. ferrite core torroid shaped choke forms (thats a mouthful!)
	2. HV "doorknob" caps to be used for neon protection
	3. various ceramic insulators
	4. HV wire in spools less than a thousand feet

I really would appreciate some help

Keivn Wahila