Re: Oil Paper Caps.

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>>I intend to seal the unit with Outdoor Silicon Sealant, the label says the
>>product emits acetic acid on curing, do you think this will contaminate the
>>oil unacceptably?  If so, would two part epoxy resin be better?
> Use great caution with silicone sealants and oil - I have had oil soften and
> ruin silicone outdoor sealant!  If you are going to use a silicone sealant,
> I'd recommend the type that automotive parts stores sell for use as gasket
> material for the cylinder heads - it is specifically designed for use with
> oil.  And unless the oil you are using contains unusual additives, it should
> work just fine.  I prefer using a really good two-part epoxy - here in the
> US, JB Weld is my favorite.

I've been using Form-A-Gasket "Super-Blue" RTV, labeled as
"oil-resistant" with fairly good luck.

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