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"Sorry I didn't remember on my original response, but I just
remembered that Lindsay Publishing had a rather expensive book
on the design and manufacturing of magnets. I saw a copy of this book
and it is sufficiently complete to use as a manual to start a small
business making all types of custom magnets. I would highly recomend
this book to anyone contemplating the manufacture of their own

I was recently down at my mom's and had a chance to look through storage 
and I actually found my copy of the book I described in the above message!
The actual title of the book is - "Permanent Magnet Design and Application
Handbook" by Lester R. Moskowitz 1976, published by Robert E. Krieger 
Publishing Company, Inc. Krieger Drive, Malabar, Florida 32950. The ISBN
is 0-89874-863-1 . Although Lindsay sells copies he also inflates the price 
quite unreasonable! It would be best for you to send a letter to  Krieger 
Publishing Company and find the current price and get it from them, besides 
that will get you on their mailing list and they come out with some very 
good technical books. From either Lindsay's or Krieger the book is still 
expensive! I payed around $70.00 for mine but then the price may have come 
down over the years. Realize this is not a book for casual reading, it is 
written for those working in the industry and is very detailed! The book is 
8 1/2 x 11 and 1 1/2 inches thick cloth bound. It contains some 443 pages. 
The magnetizing circuits (to me) are a bit behind the times, using 
thyratrons and ignitrons but it shouldn't be too difficult for you to 
modify the circuits to use the more easily available silicon controlled 
rectifiers and TRIACs. I hope this is of assistance!


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