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>John Freau On Tuesday, December 02, 1997 5:14 AM
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>Hmmm, first Raytheon then Westinghouse, I'm not really surprised especially
>since the "Battle of the Currents" was still being raged at the Government 
>level! To the very end G.E. (an Edison company, was always given the choice 
>government contracts even though they didn't have the lowest bid!) 
>Westinghouse Electric (a Tesla company weas only given those contracts no 
>one else wanted because they were unprofitable, despite the fact that on 
>numerous occasions Westinghouse had the lowest bid for the choice 

Some interesting points here.  I did verify Westinghouse was bought out.
But I have not heard about Raytheon and I work for them(The CSR below
stands for Computer Sciences Raytheon). Hmmm is there something I should

It appears from here that the fair-haired contractor now is
Lockheed-Martin.  They are sucking up all kinds of companies, usually
right after they loose a contract to them. That's one way to get work.

On an aside, guys, I have decided to return, after too many years, to
school and get my Masters in EE.  I need a 1000 on the GRE(easy for some
of you guys) to qualify. I took it Friday and I got 1200.  I am relieved
like you wouldn't believe.  The absolutely most difficult timed exam I
have ever taken.  Of course now I have to face the professors. :^))

Sorry to get off subject.
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