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John Freau On Tuesday, December 02, 1997 5:14 AM
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> All,
> Of historical significance; Westinghouse, which figured so importantly
> in Tesla's work, is no more.  Westinghouse, what was left of it after it
> sold, or will sell, its industrial divisions changed its name on Dec 1st
> to CBS Corporation, named after its CBS division.  The company had
> been planning to preserve the Westinghouse name, but its
> management changed its mind.  (Just a semi-on-topic note)

Hmmm, first Raytheon then Westinghouse, I'm not really surprised especially
since the "Battle of the Currents" was still being raged at the Government 
level! To the very end G.E. (an Edison company, was always given the choice 
government contracts even though they didn't have the lowest bid!) 
Westinghouse Electric (a Tesla company weas only given those contracts no 
one else wanted because they were unprofitable, despite the fact that on 
numerous occasions Westinghouse had the lowest bid for the choice 


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