Re: sources for variacs

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The cheapest place would be at a hamfest, although not the most
convenient if you need it right now.  I have a list for the southeast:

Atlanta   was in June
Next up:
February 1		Dalton, GA
March 21		Kennehoochee, GA
March 27-28	Columbus, GA
April 18		Warner Robins, GA
May 9		Statesboro, GA
May 16-17		Tocca/Hartwell, GA

I have the ones in Florida if you want to travel that far.  let me know.

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>Subject: 	sources for variacs
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>Subject: 	sources for variacs
>Could anyone on the list recomend some good sources for for variacs
>new or used? Any suggestions would be much appreciated...
>Charles Warren
>BTW..is anyone out there on the list in the Atlanta, Ga area?