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>One source is C&H Supply in Pasadena, CA.  Their phone number is
>1-800-325-9465.  Call and ask them to mail you a catalog.  The good news is
>they have some that are about 50% of the new price, the bad news is that
>still ends up at $300 for the big ones.  If you go to a Hamfest in your area
>that is always another good spot to look for Varaic's.
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>>Subject: sources for variacs
>>Could anyone on the list recomend some good sources for for variacs
>>new or used? Any suggestions would be much appreciated...
>>Charles Warren
>>BTW..is anyone out there on the list in the Atlanta, Ga area?

Its about a 4 hour drive to Atlanta from my house.  I am not sure if you
consider that being in the area or not.

I have several variacs.  Haven't been thinking about selling them but I
don't need them all.  I have 4 large ones and 5 small ones.  I will have to
check the ratings.  I think the small ones are 3.5 amps 120 vac and the
large ones are 10 or more amps 120 vac.  I will sell 2 of each if anyone is

Gary Weaver