Re: Rotary Spark Gap.

From: 	Joshua Resnick[SMTP:seraphim-at-WPI.EDU]
Sent: 	Saturday, December 06, 1997 10:57 AM
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Subject: 	Re: Rotary Spark Gap.

Mike wrote:

> >I have concerns as well for the melting temp of Plexiglas.    I'm
> going
> >to put together a G10 disk as soon as I can get my hands on some.
> The comments on fibre discs earlier in this thread reminded me that I
> had some 3mm thick PCB laminate, which ought to be pretty good. A few
> layers of this (with the copper etched off, or partially etched to act
> as a heat spreader), or normal 1.6mm laminate screwed/glued together
> should make a nice strong disk with good insulation and temp
> performance.
> >*Does anyone know of a good supplier of 1/2" G10 preferably already
> cut
> >into a disk shape?*
> Why not cut roughly to size (even square), mount on the rsg motor and
> use the motor itself as a lathe to cut the circle shape - no centering
> problems!

I ordered 2 12" x 12" x 1/8" aluminum plates.  I'm going to fabricate
two identical disks from these and mount them in an electrically
isolated configuration from the shaft of my motor.  Do you think this
sounds like a decent plan?