Re: dielectrics - Re: Hurray, I destroyed my homemade cap!

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On Sunday, November 30, 1997 10:57 AM Bill Noble
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> there are pourable potting compounds that are silicone based - I find them
> used on some HV sections of military gear - these things are quite fluid
> when poured, and then they cure to a rubbery consistency - it would seem to
> me that the UV cure ones would be a problem because the UV couldn't
> penetrate to the inside of the cap, but the catalyst ones, if you adjust to
> cure over many days, should be fine.  Also, what about acrylic resin??  why
> not encapsulate your rolled cap in clear resin and forget all the oil and
> stuff - no mess, nice shiny package, cheap, etc.  You can make resin set in
> anywhere from 30 seconds to 24 hours depending on the catalyst and the
> particular resin.

Silicon potting, maybe. Acrylic resin, NO WAY! Acrylic resins like 
Castolite are the same as plexiglass they are methylmethacrolate and it 
has too high a power factor ie. it absorbs way too much R.F.


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