dielectrics - Re: Hurray, I destroyed my homemade cap!

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there are pourable potting compounds that are silicone based - I find them
used on some HV sections of military gear - these things are quite fluid
when poured, and then they cure to a rubbery consistency - it would seem to
me that the UV cure ones would be a problem because the UV couldn't
penetrate to the inside of the cap, but the catalyst ones, if you adjust to
cure over many days, should be fine.  Also, what about acrylic resin??  why
not encapsulate your rolled cap in clear resin and forget all the oil and
stuff - no mess, nice shiny package, cheap, etc.  You can make resin set in
anywhere from 30 seconds to 24 hours depending on the catalyst and the
particular resin.

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>Subject: Re: Hurray, I destroyed my homemade cap!  But beware wax!
>        I tried to insulate a small Tesla coil with paraffin wax once.  It
>was a disaster.  The wax shrinks as it cools which causes big problems.
>When cool, it has a tendency to crack in the cold.  The coil arced and has
>made an excellent door stop in my garage for the last five years.  Perhaps
>the addition of bee's wax will solve this????  I once had a recipe for
>vacuum grease that involved adding Vaseline and a few other ingredients to
>wax when it was warmed (beware, it is very flammable!).  It made the wax
>stay soft and fairly pliable.  I don't have the formula anymore but perhaps
>wax mixed with something like that would make a good durable insulating
>I am in full support of eliminating that nasty mineral oil!  In an
>experiment before the wax, I was using oil to insulate the coil.  It arced
>through the oil, the side of the container, and oiled my patio.  Detergent,
>cat litter, and sunlight removed the mess but it made me hate that damn
>        Terry
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