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>   Now comes the real drudgery, finishing the secondary wind wind
> wind......

Driving resistive load is easy. Wait till you get to all the problems
like transients saturatin the transformer (better have a working
current limiting!) and load being *not* resistive. Especially driving
the secundary below the resonant point will cause problems as the load
is capasitive then. Lots of dissipation in the fets. However, driving
above the resonant point seems better.

Sure, I do not intend to say drive it out of resonance. However, driving
a 200kHz coil at 200.1kHz is above resonanse and 199.9kHz is below. The
difference in the amount of power dissipated in FETs can be dramative
while the difference in over-all performance can be small. Scope the
switching waveforms and you'll learn to say the resonant point by the
way the square wave edges look at!
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