Re: It works! Solid state driver

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Subject: 	It works! Solid state driver

I'm here to report a successful test! I have two IRF440 mosfets
running at about 30% duty cycle on each leg for a total of four. They
barely get warm when I crank the variac up to line voltage (no fans
nessasary)! I think this is because of the new drivers. They turn the
transistors on and off so quickly they don't get a chance to stay in
transistion very long. I'm now using a 3k/50watt aluminum housed power
resistor as load. It actually got so hot it started to BURN the plywood
it was mounted on!! This is because I wound the secondary for higher
voltage. I should be getting >1Kv. My current draw is way, way down from
where it was before, about 3amps at 140vdc. I probably could increase
the duty now.
  Now comes the real drudgery, finishing the secondary wind wind
Thanks for all your help!

                              Frankensteins Helper